3 Types of Sicbo Casino Online Bet

senefilm – Casino sicbo online is the only online casino gambling game that uses dice as a playing medium and also real money as a betting medium in the game session. Sicbo is very famous all over the world, especially in Asian countries. Even in Indonesia this one game is very well known and is often played by judi casino lovers.

Apart from that, this online sicbo game is one of the most promising betting arenas in live casino online games. This is because there are lots of prizes that are deliberately offered to the players to make this one game even more interesting to play. Moreover, this one game can be said to be relatively very easy to play and suitable for beginners.

Even so, there are some very important rules in betting sessions and players need to know them. So, for this reason, in writing this article, we want to share what bets are in this online sicbo casino gambling game.

Types of Casino Sicbo Online Bets

Of course, as we all know, in all gambling games, including casino sicbo online, there is something called game rules, and if a player wants to play the game, a player must first understand what the bets are in the game. so that later players will immediately understand. in conducting betting sessions in the game.

1. Single Bet
Single bets are bets where players can only bet on one number, for example: 1,2,3,4,5,6. Maybe for beginners it will be very suitable to bet on this one bet because it is very easy to win. However, the number of prizes that players can get will depend on how often the numbers that the player guesses appear in the betting session.

2. Odd/Even Bet
This bet is a bet that requires the players to choose between betting on odd or even. When in this one bet and the player manages to get a win, later the player will immediately be given a 1:1 prize from the value of the initial bet issued by the player in the betting session.

3. Triple Bet
The triple bet is one of the most profitable bets for players. Because when the player wins this betting session, later the player will be given a prize of 30:1. But unfortunately this one rule is quite difficult to win, where players have to guess 3 numbers with the same nominal. Example numbers: 666, 777, 888, 999.